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Crankshafts, pistons, connecting rods rods for your dirtbike

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  • 2 Stroke Pistons
    Piston kits, OEM and Racing verision, for two stroke motocross and enduro bikes
  • 4 Stroke Pistons
    High and standard compression piston kits for your four stroke dirtbike
  • Connecting Rods
    High performance conncectiong rods for 2 and 4 stroke motocross and enduro bikes
  • Needle Bearings
    High quality iston pin needle bearings, available for the main dirtbike
  • Main Bearings & Seals
    Main bearing and seals kit, contain all necessary to recondition your crank bearings. Available for main motocross models
  • Crankshaft assembly
    Racing crankshaft assemblies, available also with gasket and bearing kits for a complete rebuild of your dirtbike